Dr.lee@Korea - Vitamin E Elizabeth Cleansing Bar - Lavender 3 Pcs

[email protected] - Vitamin E Elizabeth Cleansing Bar - Lavender 3 Pcs

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Main Ingredients: Lavender essential oil, Coconut oil, Coconut oil, Licorice extract, Propolis extract, Vitamin E, Green tea oil, Green tea extract, Peppermint Essential Oil. Efficacy: Deep purify Whitening Relieve epidermis low energy Relaxing Characteristics: Rich Natural Essential oil. Good fragrances coming from Natural Essential oil. Small and soft bubble particles fresh skin s soil definitely. Hyaluronic Shea and Acid butter: Rich moisture impact. Synthetic Surfactant free, Natural Surfactant utilized. Chemical free, just natural. For equally face as well as body. hundred % Hand made, not by unit The best way to make use of: Add normal water on the soap as well as rub with hands, and work with a foam making net to produce bubbles. Apply on face with mild massage, deeply cleanse sebum as well as grime. Pack Size - three pcs